About The Gallery of Great Things

Maria Brick, Owner, The Gallery of Great Things

Owner, Maria Brick, wants people to enjoy the experience of visiting her Gallery. She has always felt that most of us are guests here, and as such she feels we all have a responsibility to repay the Island’s hospitality with Aloha. Our policy of letting people explore without pressuring them to buy, makes for a relaxed and friendly experience. We also try to provide quality items in every price range, so that everyone can own a "piece of Hawaii" without taking home the "forbidden" lava. In her own words the art gives us "...the wonderful opportunity to teach people about the Pacific Culture and ways of life." Maria and her staff also enjoy "talking story" about specific artifacts (some museum quality), art and artists as well as providing directions to various points of interest.

The Gallery of Great Things specializes in representing artists that convey the culture and heritage of Hawaii and the Pacific in both Modern and Indigenous form. We've traveled throughout the Pacific during the last 30 years and so you will find, besides Hawaiian art, creations from places such as Sulewasi, Boreno, Kalimatan, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Thailand, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Bali, Lombak, etc. The Gallery represents over 200 artists with an eclectic mix of form, material and style included in sculptures, jewelry, paintings, photographs, furniture, etc. as well as special creations in various woods of Koa, Mango, Ko, etc. as well as the highly prized Ni'ihau shell leis and necklaces. Aloha, Maria

The Gallery of Great Things, Kamuela Hawaii